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Why Should Startups Hire Developers? To Grow and Scale App Idea

An adage says, ‘failure to plan is just planning to fail’ this’s a case for any start-up with no plan for the future! Therefore, Startups should know that they’re a continuous transformative and value-formulating squad. So, they need not believe so much in themselves as the sole business idea owner. Once they do that, there is the likelihood that they will fail!

Thus, a new business lacking development support, ideas, and specialist encouragement will not get to the top! Therefore, they must hire the services of some experts in the field. An owner should consider their knowledge in tech first. Then, he can match it with the desire to turn his concept into a top-running app.

We know that it is not easy to find a specialist coder, and you need to find out some encoding language specialization, domain understanding, work cultures, and other factors. Before we launch into that, let’s see how to build a squad of IT developers for a start-up!

Techniques of getting a tech startups squad

  • Start from what you can do for yourself
  • Employ some action-takers to ensure the job is well done
  • Employ the services of personnel who know the need to serve customers well
  • Hire people of great personalities
  • Don’t think of creating a team just for the start-up. Let the squad be for long-term tasks.
  • Be the ringmaster by pushing the squad to the top once you know their worth
  • Get a recruiter who knows much about employees. This is a crucial matter!
  • Avoid homogeneity in your squad. There should be diversity in many aspects for the best results.

Startups must have constant nurturing across diverse stages

If you are a newbie in business, you should not say that you know all. You need aid in every development stage to meet your target! Here are two steps to doing that;

Stage of the seed

The stage of seed is an important period in every start-up. Thus, hiring a development squad to help construct the strategies is necessary. The squad will help in the overall scheme of; 

  • Accomplishing MVP, its design and enlargement
  • Identifying business prospects,
  • Blueprint development to ensure a seamless product distribution.
  • Validation of ideas 
  • Brainstorming 
  • Product discovery  
  • Fundraising assistance

Growth Stage 

This stage is easy to get to once the businesses control huge diversity in their product lifecycle. The focus is on growth and fixing things within the frame of long-term expansion and MVP.       

Other Techs and App Development consultations stages for new businesses  

These areas need thorough consultants to move you forward;       

Consultation on Technology

Every startup needs a tech consultant at various phases, especially during development. The process should run from the commencement to the endpoint. The consultants help the new firms in the following areas;

  • discovering the technology
  • Implementation of such technology
  • Ensuring that the tech has a high potential for long-term growth.
  • Help the firm to grasp the beat of digital transformation.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

Startups require assistance in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) with only the functionality needed to learn from early users. During this phase, a professional IT partner assesses clients’ needs and implements project-specific procedures. To acquire

Testing and Development

Hiring specialists will help a firm expand to a top-level in growth and trials during their plan. Strong emphasis will be on less time-to-market, minimal defects, and the most favorable performance at cheaper costs. Specialist QA engineers may also arrange the product’s discharge orderly and conduct systematic testing.

Reengineering of Products

Specialists could assist your start-up in re-engineering items for availing a competitive benefit in the present marketplaces. Brand re-engineering activities enhance a quicker and correct product journey via the project development lifecycle.

Personnel augmentation

Seeking assistance from diverse apps and maintenance companies to bring up the next-generation ideas to businesses. There is numerous specialist to modernize important apps for enhanced functionality everywhere. 

Staff augmentation

Selecting the right staff to build rather than dismiss your firm is the right choice for start-ups. However, staff augmentation activities are directed to your business objectives and technical needs. A loyal squad’s capability to choose the ultimate developers with an appropriate mix of technical skills is essential, and that’s the best way to accomplish your firm’s optimum level and significant strength.

Hire a Programmer for a Startups: Options Ahead 

When it comes to employing specialist developers for your startup, there are various techniques for doing that. Below are some listings of those methods and light explanations backing them up.

  • Hiring self-employed
  • Creating an in-house squad,
  • Outsourcing the tasks to loyal squads.


Some firms should hire self-employed developers to help them with their new businesses. The reason for such employment is to meet up with the user’s demands as swiftly as possible. And most of these freelancers might be experts in the field to meet demands precisely. Due to the various outbreak, many firms have understood the importance of running tenuously. This technique is highly economical since part-time developers charge less than full-timers. However, a self-employed developer does not have the dexterity needed throughout the apps development cycle.

Employing and creating an In-house squad       

Employing the services of a squad of developers is beneficial to a startup, and they will help you to know employees that are similar in temperament to the organizational customs. The only demerit associated with hiring an in-house squad or team is their habit of asking for a flat payment. You might be forced to plan to streamline tasks to engage them all the time throughout the shift. Otherwise, you will lose a huge amount of money.

Outsourcing to an enthusiastic group of developers

New firms seeking to hire a reliable development squad to assist them should collaborate with a decent mobile app provider. These providers focus on assisting your firm to the end based on your company’s needs. You can hire specialists with full practice in the technological field. 

A start-up can move up or down through a squad that focuses on workflow and have an entree to developers, UI/UX, QA engineers, and business analysts. However, it is important to select a development associate with engineering experience and a track record with assortments of ideas.

Before you hire a developer for your startup, consider some pointers

  • In this case, a thorough examination of your candidates’ credentials and experience could save you from running into losses. Don’t aim at hiring poor people because of the money outlay. When seeking to employ an expert coder, check out all aspects via numerous interviews and technological examinations. 
  • Use experts for greater growth than using local developers. India has many flourishing IT firms and a team of experts to help you expand your firm. Just ensure you provide them with a reasonable price, and that is the basics for outsourcing.
  • Knowing just what you want. Ensure that the idea of your searching item is clear, especially regarding the technology stack. New firms in the field nearly lack ideas of a clear path towards discovering the right person, but the top organization has. 

Why Hire a Developer for a Startups from Hidden Brains?

Consulting by a Technical Architect: We are your technical consultant, and we can help you locate the proper technical solutions for your starting firm in a planned manner.

For your niche projects, hire developers: To acquire a highly successful solution, use specialist architects, especially for difficult technological projects and large-scale activities.

Technology Experts Can Be Onboarded Quickly: Hire professional on-site developers to provide flexibility based on your firm’s demands for various niches and developing technology.

For Critical Situations, Professional Developers: Our crew members are always behind you, whether you’ve got a big bug, performance concerns, or need an absolute revamping of your program.

18+ experience: We have over 18 years of work experience. Hire our specialized developer with domain expertise, industry best practices, and technical excellence for a startups!


Remember that a firm can seek help with iOS or Android app development in diverse ways. During this period of change, firms should remain adaptable and dynamic! As a beginner, the key to growth and success is delegating and outsourcing the most difficult aspects to skilled developers. 


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