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Accelerate recovery and emerge more robust in a post-COVID world

The Travel and Transportation industry is reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. While crisis management is not yet a concern of the past, the gradual restart of travel and hospitality means that organizations need to start planning for recovery to ensure long-term viability.

Rhomeson is navigating today’s new standard needs to include strategies that encompass restoring customers’ trust, creating agility in operations and demand forecasting and rapidly innovating for success.

Industry leaders can tap into Rhomeson’s expertise and our award-winning platforms built on new technologies, including artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud and mobile capabilities, to accelerate recovery and succeed in a post-COVID world.

Travel Industry Solutions

User Experience

Leverage travel and hospitality technology solutions that enhance the passenger journey.


Increase operations efficiency and reduce cost with emerging technologies that work smarter for employees and collaboration.

View of Customer

Rhomeson lets you pull data from a variety of sources so you can create a single view of each customer's interests, behaviour, lifestyles, and preferences. 

Inspire Bookings with 1-to-1 Marketing Journeys 

Rhomeson Marketing Cloud enriches customer profiles with data from online behaviour. This single view of the customer lets you create 1-to-1 marketing journeys that reflect their passions to inspire their next trip.

Enhance Each Trip with Rhomesom

Easily build a custom-branded app with Rhomeson that lets customers check in and make requests on the fly. At the same time, your service agents can provide timely service and recommendations based on each customer's interests and specific location.

Engage Future Travelers with Communities

Strengthen relationships and loyalty by building communities where customers can find future trip suggestions from like-minded travelers, get local tips and recommendations, and book their next trip — all on their mobile device.

Why Choose Us

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Extensive Tech Stack

We utilize an advanced set of tools and technologies i.e. programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, software to create high-grade solutions.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our hotel app solutions run compatible across varied device environments. We aim to raise the usability standards by using a cross-platform development approach.

Security & Compliance

Indulging in high-standard security compliances in all our digital solutions to devoid any counterproductive threats to our efforts in establishing unparalleled quality.

Reports & Analytics

We assess before we deliver and it goes the post-delivery of every personalized solution. We feature tools that help our clients to create comprehensive reports to monitor different levels of data.

Independent Testing

Our dedicated team of quality analysts and application testers leaves no stone unturned when it comes to analyzing and scrutinizing the product potential up to the user’s standards.

Post-Delivery Support

Our job does not end at the development and final delivery of the product. We provide optimum and complete co-operation on all projects post-development as well.

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