Top Android Application Development Trends for 2022

It is amazing seeing how far Android has gone and how inspiring its story is, considering the revolution in the phone application development sector. Unlike the year 2008 when it was launched, the market share of Android’s mobile Operating System (OS) presently hovers around 90%. Moreover, volumes are anticipated to increase at a 5-year CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 2.4%, with shipments climbing to 1.41 billion within 2022. Here we are presenting a sneak peek of Android Application Development Trends for 2022, providing you with insight into what would lead in 2022.


It is vital to understand the development trends of Android apps and their implications on the Android ecosystem before starting to explore and ride on the waves of revolution or employing smartphone app developers to develop mobile apps. Don’t simply follow changes, rather collaborate with any mobile app development organization to take advantage of its benefits.

Let’s go through the Android app development trends 2022!

Below are most of the latest, leading Android app development trends to create an innovative ambiance of Android applications.

Android Instant Applications

The Google Play Instant feature allows people using Android to explore a game or app completely without installing it first. Instant Applications do not need users to download the application; they are easy to use and directly cloud-controlled. Consequently, these applications do not occupy additional space on your smartphone storage device.

These applications decrease the clutter of irrelevant applications on the mobile gadget. Recently Google has initiated some new attributes for Android application developers to simplify building smaller applications that download quickly, enabling potential users to explore a new application without installation.

The new publishing format of the Android application, the Android App Bundle, is a path toward providing a Google Play Instant experience on time.


APM (App Performance Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) are components of enterprise mobile application development focused on decreasing the slowness of a mobile application. The exponential development of mobile application development features some expectations concerning the quality of smartphone applications. It is focused on the safety and security of applications and enables resourceful data exchange across mobile gadgets.


If you’re searching to bridge the gap between complex motion and layout transitions, MotionLayout is the way forward in android development, bringing new features. MotionLayout aids to manage widget animation and motion in your application. It features an amalgamation between CoordinatorLayout, TransitionManager, and the property animation framework. As a ConstraintLayout store, MotionLayout is obtainable as a support library. In addition, it is backward-compatible to API level 14. MotionLayout is extremely declarative, depicting transitions in XML, not minding the magnitude or complexity.

5G Technology

When comparing 4G networks with 5G tech, 5G tech provides exponential performance and speed, which is extraordinary. With 100 GBPS speed, 5G tech exemplifies data transmission to generate a feature-rich and high-performance application to boost business performance.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Multiplatform logic can be reused in both platform-specific and common code. Thanks to Kotlin Multiplatform libraries. Multiplatform programming support is a crucial feature that reduces the time spent building code for occasionally incompatible and disparate systems while maximizing the versatility and advantages of native development.

Google Assistant/Chatbots

Chatbots would be in high demand throughout this year. And besides, chatbots are revolutionizing how organizations communicate with consumers and resolve issues. Chatbot development is being used by several businesses, including on-demand services like food delivery, eCommerce, and retail. Furthermore, chatbots are reshaping how organizations communicate with clients via mobile devices. Chatbots make it possible for mobile application services to answer customer demands instantly. Food delivery facilities, transportation utilities, and internet shopping are among the demands.


Benefits of Google Assistant


  • It’s versatile
  • It’s Global
  • It offers an immersive experience
  • It’s geared at optimization
  • It can control a broad range of devices

On-demand apps

People’s lives have been drastically compromised due to the pandemic, leading to a surge in requests for on-demand services. Several businesses, including travel, healthcare, hotel, retail, supermarket, and many more, are embracing on-demand applications to meet their target audiences. In the following year, on-demand Android app development will keep growing.

Android Applications Architecture

The guidelines of Google’s architecture identify the best procedures in developing an Android application and recommend architecture to develop robust and high-performance apps. Android architecture components serve as an ideal foundation for developing stable applications. Any development with the architecture components can develop applications with fewer boilerplate code and concentrate more on the specific code that gives uniqueness to the app. Android application architecture would support the Android application developer society to develop stable applications and get rid of the confusion concerning the idle method for Android like MVP, MVC, or MVVM.

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a collection of tools, libraries, and instructions that make developing high-quality applications simple for developers. These features enable you to adopt standard practices, eliminate boilerplate code, and simplify difficult activities so you can concentrate on the most relevant system. All existing support libraries, structures, and architectures are combined in Android Jetpack to address major challenges like backward compatibility and application administration. Google organizes everything into a single pack containing four primary categories: foundation, architecture, behavior, and user interface. Take advantage of Android Jetpack in your application.


Created by Google, Flutter enables you to develop attractive native applications on Android and iOS from one codebase. Providing an innovative architecture like extensible and customizable widgets, the Flutter library is a mobile software development toolkit (SDK) granting reactive views that need no JavaScript bridge.

Machine Learning

Most smartphones can execute sophisticated technological jobs such as landmark identification, picture labeling, barcode scanning, facial recognition, and text recognition, thanks to the current Android development trends. Users would be empowered to ease their job with AI capabilities in Android phones and provide a superb user experience.

Augmented Reality

Android application development trends are advancing with the combination of VR/AR (Virtual reality/augmented reality) and AI (Artificial intelligence) by adopting advances in realistic technologies, together with its VPS (visual positioning service). This is part of the top-notch AR tech identifying and imitating visual attributes in users’ environments.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has assisted mobile apps and organizations in attaining new heights. From organizing your services and products to adopting automated chatbots for an enhanced customer experience, AI can perform all wonders. Furthermore, AI has decreased human labor involvement in various activities, thus, decreasing the possibilities of human inaccuracy in operating these applications.

Consequently, AI has assisted in improving the precision of the activities and has appeared to be a cost-effective gauge in mobile application development since the costs lavished on human labor could be cut down. In addition, artificial intelligence has assisted in improving data privacy and decreasing the possibilities of cybercrimes and data thefts.

Touchless UI (User Interface)

The most creative technological innovation and development in mobile application development is touchless UI. Touch displays and functionalities weary both users and mobile application developers; therefore, the latter invented touchless UIs. These operate on the premise of gestures and speech recognition, making the use of an app easier.

Furthermore, this invention has made it simpler for the elderly and disabled to use mobile apps. You don’t have to type much; say what you want, and the application will provide it to you. Touchless UI is solely responsible for this hassle-free pleasure.

Low Code Application Development

Long, complex codes were frequently used in developing apps, making the process laborious and error-prone. With the advancement of technology, application developers have begun to use low-code application development strategies, which have sped up the process of app development and decreased the risk of making mistakes.

In addition, low-code application development has made it simpler to edit apps without totally rewriting the source code. As a result, low-code application development characteristics have increased the viability of the application development process. Low-code application development has also aided in creating user-friendly apps with less complexity. Consequently, even individuals with less technological expertise may utilize them with ease.


Want to include all of the best Android application development trends into your next project; you’ll have to hire a reputable Android application development firm. Finding the finest business that keeps up with the latest Android development advances is difficult. However, we’ve made the process easier by offering all of the helpful hints that would assist you in finding the top Android development firm.

  • Portfolio in top-notch technologies: The Android development firm with a varied portfolio, including utilizing the current Android application development technologies, will undoubtedly demonstrate the ability to go forward with more prospective trends. They don’t ever give up. They continue to put their efforts into these innovative trends to create incredible features that have never been seen before. Choosing such firms will assist you in implementing your desired functions most efficiently.
  • Experienced developers: Android engineers with extensive expertise in various projects are constantly eager to try innovative things. As a result, whenever they can experiment with new advancements, they will be familiar with all of the terminology and processes quickly. Hiring experienced developers will undoubtedly make your job easier since they will create solutions that feature the latest Android application development patterns in the best manner.
  • Trendsetters: Any Android development firm with its original product that embraces a recent trend might be the catalyst for discoveries. To put it another way, if the firm introduces a revolutionary AI product, you could easily contact them about implementing comparable technology into your product. As a result, if you seek great trendsetters as your partners in Android development, you may quickly create a change in the development field since they employ all of the latest Android development techniques.
  • Competitive costs: It’s critical to choose a firm with a reasonable price scheme for its application development services. Because of their brand reputation, some firms may charge excessive application development fees. Nonetheless, it is useful to evaluate a company’s costs to competitors’ costs to ensure that they are billing you fairly. Remember that the amount you pay for the services must not exceed your budget. Based on their rates, you may hire mobile application developers hourly or for particular tasks. However, it’s vital to ensure your application development business provides you with ongoing support and guidance. In contrast, the application is being developed and can make changes as needed.


As Android app development trends keep coming and going, it is vital to assess the most current technology availabilities and grab one. However, it is also crucial to resist adopting the whole trending in your app development. With care, consider some factors like budget, technical expertise, infrastructure, business requirements, etc., before implementing any trends.

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