We Believe In Start-ups

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Supporting Start-ups

Similar to several sectors, logistics is going through an unprecedented, challenging, and difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted corporations and provide chains worldwide, and freight and logistics businesses are having to adapt fast to high demand volatility and economic uncertainty. These challenges return at an essential time for the trade. Incumbent supplying suppliers finding their existing business models were suddenly found in severe threat from new digital players.

A start-up could be a young company based by one or many entrepreneurs to develop a singular, unique product or service and convey it to plug. By its nature, the everyday start-up tends to be a low-budget operation, with initial funding from the founders or their friends, families, and supporters. Collaboration across the scheme is a necessary part of future freight and logistics innovation.

Focus On Transparency & Automation

Many specialized start-up businesses have emerged to focus on critical aspects of transparency and automation within the provision price chain, from initial quote and booking, through period track and trace to finish fulfillment. An immense price will be created by joining the quick pace of start-ups with the expertise of corporations.

We believe in Co-innovation

We tend to do Co-innovation. If you’re a start-up or a scale-up that believes that your innovation has relevance to multinationals, we are going to be over happy to be told about your giving.

Building bridges between start-ups and multinationals

We tend to build bridges between start-ups and multinationals. In our daily communication with Fortune’s five hundred shoppers, we tend to bring them to the table with the top innovative Baltic start-ups that can scale. Various start-ups within the Baltics became world success stories that are essential for a well-functioning ecosystem.