Supporting Mental Health and Wellness

As per WHO, i.e., World Health Organisation, Mental Health can be defined as a state of mind that is capable of handling stresses effectively, that is reasonably immune to mental disorders like depression, overthinking, and anxiety because a healthy and sound mind can prove to be genuinely fruitful for not just the individual but the entire community.

Encourage mindfulness

Rhomeson is a leading voice in breaking down the stigma around mental health by promoting and encouraging free and genuine talks on the subject for our people. We drive human resilience and well-being for organizations to keep people happy, healthy, satisfied, engaged, and, in the end, unlock their full potential and positivity.

Rhomeson provides resources and endless learning for developing healthier habits that involve Mental Health Essentials and Thriving minds, and Mindful Performance. Our network, which is worldwide, of trained Mental Health Allies, offers compassionate support and connects people in need of professional help.

Generally, employees don’t be comfortable with the culture to be open enough to share their problems, difficulties of both personal and professional life. They fear the chance of being judged or an adverse result on their performance evaluation if they open up about their concerns. It is further stressful that bosses, managers, leaders, and seniors are more focused on good results than the people working to achieve them.

This leads to general apathy on both sides, which turns up in difficult and trying times when the workplace dynamics have changed with all the people working from their houses and facing uncertain times. Here, at Rhomeson’s, we all are compassionate and supportive. Compassionate leaders are often more aware of their limitations & biases and freer & happier to accept criticism. Our leaders look out for their colleagues and make them feel secure if they are undergoing any stress, difficulty, or tension.