SEO Trends Prediction for 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important Digital Marketing Services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important Digital Marketing Services. It is a delicate strategy that is always evolving. Google frequently changes its algorithm and the way it processes queries, so for your future SEO strategy to be successful, it must be prudent and pertinent.

If you’re preparing your 2023 SEO strategy, take a look at these SEO trends and forecasts for 2023 before moving on. This article will give you more information about what to expect with SEO in the upcoming year and how to modify your SEO strategy for 2023 to account for these changes.

Shopping online

Online shopping tops our list of what will be popular in SEO in 2023. By the end of 2022, there are projected to be over 2.3 billion consumers worldwide.

Google is focusing on improving the online shopping experience in response to the explosive growth of online shopping.

Google eliminated commission fees and made it free for companies to sell on their platform in order to increase the appeal of selling on their platform.

To top it off, Google introduced the Shopping Graph to assist both buyers and sellers in finding the appropriate products. The Shopping Graph is a model with AI enhancements that can comprehend various brands and product types.

To present those products in the appropriate search results for customers, it can analyze how those products relate to one another. The Shopping Graph considers details like:

  • Reviews of prices, 
  • websites, 
  • SKUs, 
  • stock data, 
  • videos

The Shopping Graph uses this data to instantly deliver the most relevant products to users who are shopping for them, but that is just the beginning.

Google made it possible to search using screenshots when it introduced the Shopping Graph. If someone views a screenshot in Google Photos, they can use the Lens feature to search the image and discover where they can buy a product in it.

How to Prepare for This SEO Trend in 2023

What does your strategy need to change if the Shopping Graph is a trend for SEO in 2023? This Shopping Graph indicates to e-commerce businesses that they must develop keyword-rich product listings. This data is used by Google to assess how closely your product listing matches the user’s search query. Additionally, it may help your products show up in Lens searches.

For instance, Google was able to identify that the sign in this image of holiday décor was a Christmas sign even though it couldn’t find an exact match.

The visual matches displayed product listings with the word “Christmas” in both their sign image and related keywords like “Christmas sign” and “Christmas décor.” in the product title.

In order to help you appear in relevant searches, be sure to incorporate relevant keywords throughout your product pages when optimizing them for SEO. You should also include the keywords in the alt text of your images so that Google can “read” them as well.

Conversational queries

Conversational queries are the next item on our list of 2023 SEO trends you should be aware of. Google is constantly working to enhance the user’s search experience so they can locate relevant information quickly. Acquiring a better understanding of linguistic complexities is essential to this improvement.

To improve its comprehension of natural language, Google created LaMDA. In order to deliver results more quickly, Google focuses on improving dialogue comprehension with LaMDA.

This process entails comprehending vernacular and how users speak when trying to find what they need.

How to Optimize for this SEO Trend in 2023

You’ll need to put a lot of effort into optimizing for voice search because conversational queries will be popular for SEO in 2023.

As opposed to typing a search query, voice search focuses on natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend how users search verbally. It’s in your best interest to optimize for voice search queries as Google moves toward understanding conversational searches from users.

To prepare for voice search, do the following:

1. Targeting phrasing: A written query is phrased differently than a verbal query. Even though they may verbally ask, “What is the best hiking boot brand?” they may type “best hiking boot brand.” The best way to target conversational keywords is to optimize for these verbal searches.

2. Answers should be brief if you’re optimizing for conversational keywords so that you can quickly provide useful information. You might write a brief paragraph highlighting the best brands in response to the question, “What are the best hiking boots?” before going into more depth.

3. Vernacular expressions vary by region and are used to describe particular things or locations. For instance, Pennsylvanians typically refer to their state as “PA.” You can optimize for more conversational keywords by being familiar with the vernacular.

Video Marketing

The majority of consumers use videos to guide their decision-making.

If you haven’t already, you should incorporate video into your SEO strategy given the increase in video viewing. Google is also releasing tools to assist users in finding queries through videos.

The following new aspects are in particular the focus:

1. Use clip marking to highlight important sections of your video so viewers can jump right to them. You could make a markup for each tip in a video that included advice, for instance.

2. Use seek markup to explain your URL structure to Google. This information is crucial because it enables Google to automatically display the most important sections of your video. It gives Google the ability to link within a particular section of your video.

You can optimize your videos to show up in search results for more pertinent and difficult-to-rank terms using these two new features.

How to prepare for this year’s anticipated SEO trends

Start by including more videos on your pages. Including videos in your content can help increase engagement, rankings, and traffic because users spend 88% more time on pages with videos. Make sure to use thorough, keyword-rich markups for the clip and seek markups.

Don’t label your markups “tip 1,” “tip 2,” and so on if your video contains money-saving advice. Use markups instead, such as “Save money by using coupons” and “Stash money from your paycheck.”

These particular markups give you more chances to appear in pertinent searches and raise viewer engagement with your videos.

Consolidating EAT signals

Google’s guidelines have emphasised the value of boosting your EAT signals on your website when appropriate. In the future, search engines will continue to rank content by taking into account the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your website. 

The user experience continues to be important to Google, and demonstrating that your website is worthwhile for its visitors’ time will be crucial for obtaining those top rankings. Your E-A-T signals may include social proof, client endorsements, links to reputable websites, domain authority, expertise, badges, and much more.

What to do in 2023 to prepare for this trend?

Consider EAT as you carefully create the content for your website. You can achieve this by showcasing awards and badges, showcasing customer reviews and testimonials, providing links to reliable websites ending in.edu and.gov, providing statistics and facts to support your claims, and strengthening your social proof. Additionally, you can increase your EAT signals by obtaining links from other reliable websites.

Image accessibility and optimization in 2023

Google has always been clear about the best practices for website image optimization; regrettably, not many people have given this the attention it deserves. Now is the time to examine your website’s images and determine how they rank on the optimization meter.

Your image optimization will be one of the ranking factors in order to make sure that images can be served to people with visual disabilities and impairments in the best possible way. We want the web to be accessible for everyone. Google isn’t just pushing for good image optimization for this reason; in the future, images will be used for much more than just visually communicating ideas; they will also be used in search to shop, find information, and more.

What to do in 2023 to prepare for this trend?

Conducting an image audit on your website right now will help you determine which of the following changes you need to make to raise your image optimization score.

Serve pictures in modern formats.

Make sure to compress images

Where possible, give each image file a suitable name that includes the appropriate keywords.

Give each image a special alt attribute

The rise of the featured snippet

We can’t ignore the expansion of featured snippets in search results for our next trend prediction for this year. The serving of featured snippets will continue, and they will probably gain prominence over time. Featured snippets, in case you haven’t yet noticed them, are the boxes of results that frequently appear above the actual search results. They can be in the form of FAQs, how-to guides, bulleted lists, or even just a single sentence. Without having to create lengthy content, these are fantastic little shortcuts to the top of the SERPs. If your website provides useful content that visitors frequently search for, you’re eligible for a featured snippet.

What to do in 2023 to prepare for this trend?

Think carefully about the searcher, their intent, and how they would search to get to the top in the form of a featured snippet, and concentrate your content on question-based terms. Find profitable keywords and topics to write about by using Google’s autocomplete or the “People also ask” sections. Next, make sure your content has the appropriate schema markup so that it can be found in search results. The Google Schema Markup Testing Tool can then be used to test your markup.

The value of keywords with semantically related terms

In the way they interpret our searches, Google’s algorithms have advanced over time, with related keywords, search intent, and semantics all contributing to what we see on the SERPs. Google recently unveiled its Multitask Unified Model, or MUM, at the I/O conference. As an AI that can understand emotion and intent from search queries in more than 75 languages, MUM may have an impact on search in the future.

The time when search engines compared text strings to find matches is long gone, and today’s search is more relevant and intuitive than ever.

What to do in 2023 to prepare for this trend?

Try to concentrate your writing on topic clusters rather than one keyword to avoid losing readers. Create the personas of the ideal customers you want to engage with your content, write to them with answers to any questions they might have, and incorporate phrases and semantically related keywords into your writing. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes when conducting keyword research this year to create keyword combinations and lists that will appeal to them.

Responding to complex questions

One of our SEO predictions for 2023 is that there will be more emphasis on responding to complex queries. Google has always aimed to provide users with the information they require. As a result, businesses concentrate on developing pages that provide the answers people are looking for.

The importance of providing concise and centralised answers will increase as a result of Google’s algorithm changing once more.

MUM, or the Multitask Unified Model, is being implemented by Google to make the process of finding information easier for users. They discovered that it takes users an average of eight queries to find solutions to difficult, multi-step problems.

If someone was arranging a trip to Florida, they might ask various questions, such as:

  • Orlando’s top hotels
  • Flight deals to Orlando
  • Orlando theme park discounts
  • What to bring with you to Disney World
  • The climate in Orlando
  • Orlando tourist attractions

The user can plan their trip using this information, but it necessitates multiple, distinct queries. Google will use MUM, an AI model, to help users find information more quickly by understanding abstract languages and intentions in order to address this issue.

Google could thus cut the number of queries from six to two using the aforementioned example. The MUM algorithm update will start taking the context of users’ searches into account in order to help deliver pages and content that meet their information needs.

How does this affect your SEO plan?

You should concentrate on producing content that responds to the queries of your audience in light of Google’s efforts to provide users with answers more quickly.

Users should be able to find all the information they require from your content without having to make multiple searches because it should act as a one-stop shop on the subject.

When creating content, be sure to include all pertinent information. For instance, if you write a blog post about what to bring to Disney World, you should include all the essentials, from clothing to sunscreen. Additionally, you should emphasise any special items to bring based on the season. By including all of this data, you can produce a blog post that avoids users to search further.

They would be able to find all the information they require on your blog because it is so comprehensive. You can better meet user needs by producing more thorough and educational content, which will also help your content rank higher after this upcoming algorithm update.

Concentrating on Core Web Vitals

Focusing on Core Web Vitals is one of our SEO predictions for 2023. Google repeatedly stresses the value of the user experience.

Your site’s rankings will decline if visitors don’t enjoy their time there. Page speed is important in providing a good user experience. 53% of users will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

The Core Web Vitals are included in our 2023 SEO predictions because of this. The Core Web Vitals are a collection of metrics that gauge the speed at which users are able to load your page. The following four Core Web Vitals will receive a lot of attention in 2023:

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP): FCP gauges the speed at which the various pieces of content on your website load.


  • First Input Delay (FID) is a measurement of how quickly a website responds to a user’s interaction with a website’s content.


  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): LCP measures the time it takes for the most substantial piece of content on your website to load and become visible to visitors.


  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): CLS counts the layout changes made to your website over time without user interaction.


These Core Web Vitals collectively have an impact on how users engage with your website.

How does this affect your SEO plan?

The importance of having a quick website is clear when looking at this 2023 SEO prediction. To find out how well your website performs for each of the Core Web Vitals, use Google PageSpeed Insights. You’ll receive advice from Google PageSpeed Insights on how to enhance website performance and load times.

Using SERP Racer, you can assess your website’s speed in comparison to that of your rivals. As you make adjustments and advancements to your 

website over time, tracking your Core Web Vitals will become an essential component of your SEO strategy.

The significance of local search

Since the beginning of the pandemic, “near me” and “local” searches have increased for brick-and-mortar businesses and businesses not directly open to the public but with a physical address. As more users discover the benefits that localised searches offer, this trend has persisted and is expected to continue for a longer period of time.

How does this affect your SEO plan?

A complete Google My Business profile is the best place to start with local SEO, according to this 2023 trend. Additionally, we advise creating localised content for your website to improve local search rankings and create a backlink profile from other respectable companies in your neighbourhood.


You must monitor SEO trends if you want your SEO strategy to consistently lead to success for your company.

With the help of this list of SEO trends for 2023, you can keep your SEO strategy current and perform well in search results while attracting more relevant traffic to your website.

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