Retail & E-commerce

Commonly, retailers, as well as suppliers, will opt for help. The retailers, distributors, manufacturers are more or less dependent on third-party experts when specific business processes are recognized as ‘non-core, way too expensive, or skills intensive.

Services offered under retail

Category management consultation

Under this service, we assure that everything ranging from assortment planning to inventory management is carried out. After this category, management is a process that is conducted to enhance the entire in-store performance. While carrying out the process, we make sure that the category management function is interdependent.

Field marketing services

By this, we offer the business services that will help them gain an insight into the process and status that happens in the competitive market. Since field marketing will help the business to audit the brand reputation in a specific store as well as the particular store’s compliance, we ensure that the same service is provided. Through this, the business will be able to gather information about other businesses that are competing in the market.

Merchandising services

Through merchandising service, we cater to the merchandising needs of the business. We offer this service promptly as we have the general store-level merchandising tactics that help us ensure whether or not the shelf edge labels are correct. Besides this, we also include the respective implementation of store layout in-store and planograms. Since the merchandising services are a bit complex, we make sure that it is done with ease and quick.

Data scripting, processing, and scrubbing services

We understand that when it comes to retail, data has to be used in pretty much everything, which is why we have introduced data scripting. By data scripting, we mean the task of extracting data from multiple data sources. Along with this, processing the data is also carried out, which is defined as combing the provided data in a particular database. After this, scrubbing data is involved, which means organizing the data to get a meaningful sense.