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Landing Page Optimization

The concept of site navigation plays a great role in enhancing or degrading the user experience, and since the user experience most likely decides the website’s success, this very step must be taken into consideration. This is why Rhomeson makes sure that the leads can be enhanced by following the below productive experiment. This experiment was to test the site navigation of and by a tourism group.

Experiment for landing page optimization

Every experiment was thoroughly practiced, and the results have been proved to be very fruitful to both the tour group and other websites that have introduced modifications in their website after analyzing the results here. The experiments that were conducted under landing page optimization are as follows:

  • Goal: Here, the organization makes sure that it tests the site navigation so that the engagement with the very key site content can be highly enhanced.
  • Background: One of many experiments was that of background. Under this experiment, the visitor action is made sure to elevate with the content offered by Rhomeson so that then the customers will choose this website over others.
  • Primary Research Question: Under this experiment, the answer that resolves the top portion of the issues is to the question ‘which type of navigation will exactly be helpful to increase the engagement of the site?’
  • Secondary Research Question: There is a second question as well that helps Rhomeson in succeeding in the business. The question ‘which type of navigation will result in a higher lead generation rate’ and its answer greatly resolves most of the issues.
  • What one needs to know: This is one of many experiments that were conducted under site navigation. Rhomeson understands that if only half of the data is analyzed, a major portion of productive changes will start. Though utilizing data for attracting optimizing decisions is not the right approach for the marketers somehow highlights the importance of choosing the right data from the available mounds.

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”8064″ img_size=”full” css_animation=”fadeIn”][vc_column_text]Thus, this stresses that the meaningful opportunities and challenges that may drive effective change in online marketing programs will prevail for a considerable amount of time.

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  • Design of the text: A/B/C split test: This particular process of the entire experiment is vital. The inclusion of numerous options was greatly seen to have increased the user friction in the navigation. For this, the solution that was gradually coined is bringing the data analytics into action to help in streamlining the navigation, and it does so by eliminating the poorly performing content.


It was then observed that Treatment A performed better with a difference of 34.93% in the conversion. Not just that, Treatment A was also observed to have enhanced the navigation clickthrough.

Thus, this is how the tourism group experimented with which the navigation was increased by 34%. Therefore, Rhomeson makes sure that it sticks to the above experiment and makes its website worthwhile to its customers[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]