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It has been proven productive that if any organization asks anything regarding customer service, it has to be made sure that it is fruitful for them so that the same can be given to the organization, and it has to be implemented at every step in the process of sales from the very beginning only.
Rhomeson makes sure it sticks to the results to provide an optimum good experience to its customers.

Small tests that increase the email capture percentage

These are the following listed proven tests that some way or other help in increasing the percentage of email capture, thus improving the email capture optimization:

  • Goal: This very change plays a great role in improvising the number of form submissions
  • Background: Under this, a small email capture process is run through which access to downloadable reports is possible, and in return, the information will be provided to the partner.
  • Approach: As friction here is defined as anything through which the customer will have to hustle harder than usual to get through the entire sale process, so, under approach, Rhomeson gets acquainted with the registration process so as the amount of friction will reduce.
  • Primary research question: Under this, the question ‘which exact process is more or less likely to get the most submission’ is raised, and the respective answer helps Rhomeson in reaching the goal
  • Control: The Control is loaded with friction that enables any visitor in Rhomeson to go through a total number of four steps so that the reports can be accessed.
  • Treatment: Under the treatment section, the steps will be reduced, but it won’t bring any modification to the process
  • Respective result: The result that all the above tests produced was that over 364% of visitors submitted their respective email addresses to download the reports. This very result has helped Rhomeson in enhancing email capture optimization.

The reason behind the improvement of email capture optimization

Considering that the conducted test did not demand much time for the visitor to finish the process, it enabled the visitors to take their time and access the reports. But the catch here is that the Control was termed a bit more costly where exactly visitors thought that investing time and effort at it was not as productive for them as they have to undergo four steps to get access to the reports.

Since no customer will want to be asked to invest more than they receive which are why the following are the three principles that Rhomeson follows:

  • Principle 1: Irrespective of whether the action is monetary or non-monetary, if the customers are asked to take some action, then it is inevitable that it will come with a perceived cost that is why it has to be made sure that the cost associated with the request is most possibly reduced.
  • Principle 2: Communication is basic here. This is why Rhomeson makes sure that the customers know the reason whenever they are asked for any information.
  • Principle 3: Whether or not it is a matter of money, risk, time, or resources, perceiving cost can create a positive impact as the marketers can then use it to authorize the size and quality of the email lists.