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As people learn about online and offline marketing, they start questioning how much the marketing would cost. The truth about the cost of online and offline marketing is the cost varies as per the strategies and circumstances on which strategies are based. Here are a few online strategies for online marketing and their cost.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is the process of keeping the website at the highest rank. Around 93% of people use a search engine to get valuable leads. Search engine optimization can help organizations achieve more significant results and increase the footfall on the website by keeping the website rank high. The cost of SEO varies from $350 to $2000 depends upon the strategy used for the individual organization. We are here to offer effective and cost-efficient SEO to the business to enhance its website performance.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is the process of engaging more customers. When organizations use content marketing, they try to offer informative data to the customers, so they enjoy reading the articles. The method is beneficial in connecting with the customers. The cost of content marketing can be from $1000 per month based on content marketing strategies.

Similar to the online marketing strategies, offline marketing cost also varies as per the strategies used for the marketing. Here are few cost-effective offline marketing ideas to increase the revenue:

  • Referral program: Referral program is a very effective idea to achieve more customers. One of the best methods to reach out to potential customers is to tell your existing customers to recommend the product and service of the company to them. Word of mouth marketing is the best approach to keep connecting with the customers. You can offer some incentives to your customers based on the referrals. Therefore, they can also enjoy the process. This is a cost-effective marketing idea to tap into the local marketplace and keep growing the business.
  • Trade publication writing: Trade publication is a great idea to get some exposure. Offline publication of the company can help customers to know about the company and understand what product and services the business is offering. Conference publications can be a great idea to share a handful of helpful articles with the customers.