Information Technology

Information Technology services are used for managing, developing, the direction of technology initiatives that will support both the administrative and academic operations at UIS. Moreover, with ITS, the community will get a multiple set of technology services such as monitoring, development as well as maintenance of the same data network, computer systems, telephone system of the community.

Here is a list of services offered under Informational Technology

Computing: As the name suggests, through this, the computing resources, for example, a cloud computing platform which will include management of data centers as well as self-service tools for the sole purpose of monitoring computing, deploying as well as scaling.

Application services: It is an obvious fact that the application services face tremendous pressure to respond to market changes so that the business models can transform, thus delivering the business value. Through the service that we offer, the businesses will consider the products, providers, and such.

Cloud and Infrastructure: Through the cloud and infrastructure services, the already defined IT SLAs, as well as TCO management, can be shifted to improvising the business metrics. This is done by underpinning the infrastructure services through AI, automation to drive self-healing or self-configuring systems that are sure to get acquainted with the ever-evolving business needs.

Digital transformation: The organization’s take on technology and innovation is perhaps one of the most paved paths that will help them reach its objective. Through this, they will be able to compete with other organizations in the market.

Industry-centered technology: Different types of industries demand different kinds of services needed to be fulfilled respectively. Therefore, we, along with our team, try our optimum to cover all these needs and fit into the advanced rules of technologies.

Digital services: The art of digitalization has affected almost every facet of the business ranging from the boardroom to the back office. Thus, our team helps the business understand which technology will leverage your business and implement the same in business so that it can enjoy the advantage to the fullest.

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