Improving KPIs

A KPI is a performance measurement that helps in resolving the achievements of specific business functions. Businesses, as well as organizations, are well aware of the fact that with a positive customer experience, the sales will touch the cloud.

This is why every business should keep an eye on how they can improve and give an even more efficient customer experience, and this reason is more than enough as to why enhanced KPIs should be given special attention. Here is the list of services that can help organizations increase productivity.

  • Customer retention rate:
    As the name suggests, by this service, we ensure that the business has retained from the very start to the end in terms of percentage. We try our best to give the best and accurate customer retention rate to the business.
  • Customer satisfaction score OR CSAT:
    As the name suggests, through this, it can be calculated up to which level the customer is satisfied with a specific product, service that the business has offered. We give our best to get the correct result regarding this as we understand that when a customer is satisfied, it saves the business a reasonable amount of money.
  • First contact resolution or FCR:
    This is the service through which we provide the business with metrics that their agent or agents have taken to solve the issue on their very first call. In terms of calculation, it can also be said that the higher the FC or first contact resolution is, the better it is for the business.
  • Resolution at the average time:
    Through this service, we calculate the average time that the business usually takes to respond to any queries of their customers and resolve them. This is measured in terms of hours or even days which solely depend on the structure and nature of the business.

Thus, with the services mentioned above, it is definite that the organizations will improve to a greater level, thus achieving their aimed objective. The KPIs, if used and enhanced correctly, will give an overall lift to the businesses.

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