Realize the full potential of IT to empower your healthcare community

Intelligent Enterprise is to help healthcare providers become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative technologies.

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Realise the full potential of IT to empower your healthcare community


Our vision for the Intelligent Enterprise is to help healthcare providers become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative technologies.


The global COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for digital reinvention and adoption of healthcare technology solutions. Let Rhomeson’s expertise help you navigate an increasingly interconnected and data-rich ecosystem. Reimagine your approach to transformation with a smarter architecture, modernize your core systems, adopt open standards and scale the value of data. We help you design secure platform experiences that support your data and artificial intelligence needs across the enterprise.


We support the healthcare industry and those who deliver health and human services, via telehealth or in person, to drive improvements in cost and quality, innovation and outcomes. We offer a unique combination of advanced technology solutions to help you drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organizations, and the ability to implement at scale, with the support of a trusted partner.


Rhomeson is committed to helping healthcare organisations deliver value-based, patient-centered services. We are enhancing our solutions to automate processes, enable data-driven decisions, and empower employees – with ease and intelligence.



  • Cloud-based portal for patient applications.

  • Waiting time prediction for emergency rooms and ambulatory care.

  • Connect to patients with a single engagement platform that helps them access the right services faster and drives higher satisfaction, all while reducing your operational costs.

  • Improved administration and monitoring of multiple data sources

  • Enable healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly from a single engagement point for all patient data. With our intelligent technology, you’ll be able to maximise efficiency while delivering exceptional patient experiences.

  • Lay the foundation for enduring patient relationships by giving them personalised, 1-to-1 experiences across every touchpoint, from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement.


Industry innovation solutions tailored to your needs

Provide the best care to patients at an affordable cost, promote patient engagement, and optimise clinical outcomes with mobile self-service processes.

  • Innovative Solutions for Digital Health


We are implementing innovative digital health strategies to change the consumer experience fundamentally.


Health organisations are implementing innovative digital health strategies. Whether the focus is cloud, EHRs, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity or other technologies, leading organisations can fundamentally change healthcare and consumer experience.


  • Operational transformation in healthcare


Preparing your health organization for waves of disruption today and into tomorrow.


Operations transformation (OT) can prepare your business or organization to deal with expanding markets, increasing global competition, rising customer expectations, advanced technologies, increasing digitization—every change in the market affects how a company operates and performs, often dramatically. And these days, it is difficult to respond to one disruption before being thrown off course by the next one. Operations transformation will ensure you’re ready to deal with any potential or unforeseen obstacles.


  • Healthcare security


Making every part of your healthcare business more cyber resilient.


Data is at the heart of healthcare—sensitive personal, medical, research and financial data. Protecting it is critical to humanizing healthcare. That’s why we work with payers, providers, pharma companies and public health entities to increase their resilience to cyber threats by embedding security into the technology ecosystem and across ways of working.


We combine an understanding of the healthcare industry—ecosystems, workflows, regulations, and stakeholders—with proactive and focused threat intelligence so healthcare players can improve cyber resilience to stay ahead of threats. And make healthcare more secure for all.


  • Reimagine the future of healthcare with cloud


Cloud is the foundation for the future of healthcare and streamlines operations, advances innovation and improves care.


Healthcare organizations are under pressure to expand access while increasing affordability, streamline patient experience through transparency and personalization, and ultimately, improve clinical outcomes through analytics and next-gen digital native capabilities. Doing these takes continuous innovation, data insight and integration, and new ways of working. It’s all possible with a cloud-rooted foundation.


We see cloud as much more than a technology investment. To make the most of it, healthcare organizations must shift how they run the business and their culture. With cloud technologies at the center of the business, healthcare organizations can pursue the next wave of innovation. It’s about harnessing cloud to deliver technology, business and human outcomes. And we are reimagining the future of healthcare in the process.


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