Leveraging Education Technology helps Drive Better Learning Outcomes and Operations.

Rethink K-12 and higher education institution operations, increase research capacity and personalize learning with the right technologies for education.

10+ Lakhs using our Education Solution  |  30+ ROI  |  45+ Countries

Education Technology Services - Rethink Education

Leveraging Education Technology helps drive better learning outcomes and operations.

Rethink K-12 and higher education institution operations, increase research capacity and personalise learning with the right technologies for education.

Education technology uses data, AI and hybrid cloud to create a cognitive campus

Educational institutions require new strategic thinking, better data insights, personalised services and agile infrastructure. Rhomeson Education solutions help create cognitive campuses, which help teachers and students improve outcomes from kindergarten through higher education. The newest technologies in education support customised learning, increase research capacity and optimise operations for better cost-effectiveness.

Education technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud computing and data management enhance learning environments by unlocking learning potential resulting in improved outcomes and better student experiences.

70% of students say that study technology should be more personalized like social media feeds.”


Agility and Efficiency

Maximise operational effectiveness by leaning on cloud and flexible infrastructure.

Innovation and Research

Innovate computing for more profound research capacity and innovative services.

Experience and Learning

Optimise learning potential by aggregating existing technology for better student insights.

Activity & ROI Measurement

Using a Learning Management System to deliver your eLearning, tracking learner progress

High Learning Retention

Blended Learning approaches result in a higher knowledge retention rate. 

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

eLearning reduces the need for printing out paper-based assessments 

Education Technology Solutions

●    Data and AI in education

New ways for education to use data and artificial intelligence to discover learning gaps or provide better student engagement.

●    Cloud platform for education

A hybrid cloud enables educational organizations to build and manage across any cloud with a common platform uniting disparate data for an enterprise, flexible and holistic view.

●    Learning Management System

Compile rich-featured content delivery and management system that provides corporate trainers and learners with a robust environment for executing smooth and results from oriented training. Businesses can easily aggregate groups of learning using Automation tools.

●    Personalised Learning App

Create an individual learning path for all learners with our eLearning app development services. You can use graphics and advanced content design and development techniques to build a unique and immersive learners’ journey

●    Learning Experience Platform(LXP)

Carve self-directed custom EdTech website development solutions for businesses where the platform would assess, analyse, and introduce learning modules per individual requirements using AI algorithms and development techniques.

●    EdTech Portal

We are helping learners meet specific goals by using eLearning portals where they get material that precisely summarises their education. We indulge in an easy administration of these portals on both web and mobile devices.

Why Choose Us

Solutions For Every Need

If you are a corporate company, education institution, or an eLearning aggregator, we are your one-stop station for building result-oriented eLearning development service providers.

Multi-Device Enablement

Get complete exposure to a large audience that uses various devices. We help you create multi-platform & custom EdTech development solutions that run flexibly across different device environments.

Security & Compliance

Our deliverables are fully compliant with the advanced industry standards. It makes us a client-oriented digital solutions provider ensuring 100% satisfaction with positive outcomes.

Reports & Analytics

We meet our client’s demands for sophisticated management of their data produced and consumed through our eLearning products by providing real-time activity trackers and report dashboards.

Independent Testing

Our dedicated quality analysts do not leave any stone unturned when testing our eLearning deliverables to the best of their potential. You can always bid on us for independent testing.

Post-Delivery Support

Maximum support with extended hands is what we are all about. Once delivered, we help you to get the best of our deliverables on the table by implementing constructive product deployment techniques.

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