Customer Behaviour Analysis and Conversion Marketing

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You probably know your best friends pretty well. You can predict what they will buy before walking into a store. This is handy when finding them a birthday gift, but wouldn’t it be great if you know your customers? Conducting customer behaviour analysis is a great place to start.

Customer Behavior Analysis

A customer behavior analysis is a qualitative and quantitative observation of how customers interact with your company. Customers are first segmented into buyer personas based on their common characteristics. Then, each group is observed at the stages on your customer journey map to analyze how the personas interact with your company.

A customer behavior analysis provides insight into the different variables influencing an audience. It gives you an idea of the motives, priorities, and decision-making methods being considered during the customer’s journey.

Conversion Marketing

Conversion marketing encompasses the art and science of marketing to maximize the percentage of visitors taking the desired action on your digital properties. A conversion marketing strategy includes tactics to make the most of the existing traffic on a website by optimizing its critical elements to uplift conversions.

The power of conversion marketing lies in its ability to leverage a traffic base of millions to drive a significant uplift in revenue with a marginal (say 0.5%) uplift in conversions brought about by a tiny tweak.


Why should you conduct a customer behaviour analysis?

Content Personalization

This is important for B2C and B2-B companies. They need to have highly personalized content. According to Accenture, 41% of customers switched companies due to poor personalization. You can’t personalize content until you understand your customer’s preferences and tendencies.

Customer Value

Another critical business need is the ability to predict a customer’s overall value. A customer behavior analysis improves this process by identifying ideal customer characteristics. Targeting these personas, your business can attract brand-loyal customers before your competitors do.

Content Optimization

The data obtained from your customer behaviour analysis should help optimise your marketing campaigns. Not only can you narrow your focus on the most valuable segment of your customers, but you can also engage them in their preferred channel.

Customer Retention

While it’s essential to attract loyal customers, retaining them is just as important. Accenture reported that 49% of customers expect special recognition when they’re a “good customer.” Even if they like your company, these people may start to look elsewhere if you don’t have a way to acknowledge them.

Behaviour analysis can help your team reduce this customer churn by identifying good and bad customer traits.

How do we Conduct a Customer Behavior Analysis?

1. Segment your audience

2. Identify the critical benefits

3. Allocate quantitative data

4. Compare your quantitative and qualitative data

5. Apply our analysis to a campaign

6. Analysing the obtained results

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