Zenith Financial Enhances Local Visibility with Targeted SEO Strategy

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Zenith Financial, a prominent financial services provider deeply rooted in the Indian market, aimed to bolster its presence in specific local markets, reinforcing regional engagement. The primary goal was to improve local search rankings, fostering visibility within targeted geographic areas.

Strategies Employed

Customized SEO Approach: Our team meticulously crafted region-specific web content, tailored to resonate with the distinct needs of the targeted locales. Additionally, a robust citation-building initiative was launched, strengthening local ranking signals for each office location.

Competitive Analysis: A comprehensive study of competitors’ strategies unveiled untapped keyword opportunities. Leveraging low-competition keywords, we formulated an all-encompassing content strategy, enhancing nationwide rankings.

Content Optimization: Despite having a wealth of content, Zenith Financial’s website required optimization for search engines and audience engagement. We embarked on a continuous improvement journey, implementing on-page optimization, backlinking, and strategic keyword integration to bolster search visibility and engage diverse audiences.


Recorded an impressive surge of 287% in the organic keyword portfolio.

Secured a substantial 173% increase in organic keywords ranking within the top three search results.

Witnessed a significant upswing of 32% in Google Analytics goal completions, signifying improved user engagement and conversions.

Zenith Financial’s dedicated focus on localized SEO strategies resulted in tangible advancements across local and national search platforms. This reinforced their standing as a reliable financial partner while strengthening their foothold in regional markets.

Project Details

  • Clients: Robert C. Saavedra
  • Project: IT Consulting
  • Service: Digital Solutions
  • Category: SEO
  • Date: 10 Feb 2022
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