Revolutionizing Global Enrollment: Elevating MBBSDIRECT's Digital Presence


MBBSDIRECT, a leading educational consultancy facilitating global MBBS admissions, sought to elevate its digital presence and enrollment rates. Rhomeson Consulting, an IT solutions company, collaborated to revamp their online strategies.

Client Overview:

Company Name: MBBSDIRECT, India

Industry: Study MBBS Abroad Consultancy

MBBSDIRECT's Challenges

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Outdated Website

– Identified specific areas of the website that needed a modern touch, including outdated design elements and navigation issues.

– Conducted user surveys to pinpoint user frustrations and expectations.

Limited Online Visibility

MBBSDIRECT struggled with low online visibility despite exceptional services.

Our Approach

Website design/Development

Conducted A/B testing for different design elements to ensure optimal user engagement.

Implemented a responsive design to enhance the user experience across various devices.

Search Engine Optimization:

Utilized advanced keyword research tools to identify high-impact keywords relevant to industry.

Implemented schema markup and structured data to enhance search engine understanding of content.

Social Media Marketing

We create compelling, consistent content and utilize paid advertising for wider reach.

Engaging with our audience, analyzing metrics for optimization, and staying current with trends and hashtags are key components. 

Results with Rhomeson

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Website Redesign:

Website Redesign & Development: Rhomeson revamped MBBSDIRECT’s website, ensuring a sleek interface, enhanced user experience, and mobile responsiveness.

Search Engine Optimization:

Tailored SEO services optimized MBBSDIRECT’s digital content for higher search engine rankings.

Social Media Campaigns:

Comprehensive social media marketing strategies were devised to increase engagement, reach, and lead generation.

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