Pioneering Vacation Rental SEO: Unveiling Success in Texas

About the Company:

They’re a big vacation home rental company mostly in Texas, USA. They have different types of homes listed for different places with special things about each.

Other Companies Like Them:

There are many strong websites, especially in Texas, with a lot of history and links.

What They Wanted:

They asked Rhomeson Consulting for help with their website and SEO. They wanted to be at the top for some important words, about 30 in total. They hoped this would bring more customers and make them a top choice in the market


Conducted in-depth keyword research for impactful marketing strategies.

Optimized website structure to ensure frequent search engine crawling.

Implemented targeted keyword optimization across major search engines.

Attained significant rankings for keywords commonly used in online searches.

Conducted a thorough technical SEO audit to enhance overall performance.


6 months of the SEO strategy, the client reported substantial improvements in their campaigns.

BEFORE – Limited Organic Traffic

AFTER – Noticeable Increase in Organic Traffic

These are significant numbers, the most important of which being the increase in Organic Traffic.

Key Takeaways:

This case study yields two crucial insights:

  1. Understanding the target audience and their interests is fundamental for SEO triumph.
  2. Achieving quality success relies on effectively leveraging a company’s distinctive strengths through engaging content and interactions in SEO efforts.

Project Details

  • Clients: Vacation Rental
  • Project: IT Consulting
  • Service: SEO
  • Category: SEO
  • Date: 12 March 2021
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