A/ B Testing

A/ B testing is also known as split testing. It is defined as the showing of two variants of the same web page to different segments of website visitors at the uniform time and hence comparing as to which variants drives how many conversions. As simple it is, the variant that will generally give more conversions will be ahead in the game.

Undoubtedly, the organizations will want conversions on the respective website, and the rate at which a site can drive these conversions will be known as the conversion rate. In terms of calculations, it can be said that the more optimized the funnel is, the higher the conversion rate will be. Services under A/B testing

  • No Guesswork
    Through this service, we make sure that the organization is not relying upon any guesswork. Instead, we ensure that the organization is offered real and correct data so that the relevant number of conversions can be driven.
  • Identification of site component
    Under this service, we make sure that we consider all the best content, followed by designing the website by using the right elements.
  • Conversion rate
    We understand that when the incoming traffic and improved UX is introduced, it will somehow increase the conversion, and this is the very reason we offer the same service to the organization.
  • Consistent practice
    By this service, we mean that we stick to nothing but the best practices for digital marketing that will hence be encouraged by the A/B testing.
  • Insights
    In this service, a collection of data is obtained that will provide insights for all the marketers for strategic development. We try our best to obtain the correct insights and offer them to the organization.
  • Unleashing the user journey
    Under this service, we do our best to discover the user journey as it will then help familiarize us with the creative design component and so on.

Thus, when the services are appropriately offered in the A/B testing, the organization is sure to achieve success, and we, along with our team, do the same.

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